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There are not many things which are more important than your roof. It offers protection that you cannot do without. It is why when it comes time to have any work done on your roof, you need a quality roofing contractor for the job, someone you can trust.

That is where Derby Roofing Company comes in. We are the best there is in quality of workmanship and integrity. Our team members reflect efficiency and value for money. We love our beautiful community, and it is our privilege to protect and beautify our neighbor’s homes and fellow businesses one building at a time.

About Us

We are the Derby, Kansas roofing contractor that you can trust with your every roofing need, no matter how big or small. It is incredibly important. If you leave your roof in the wrong hands, your home or building could sustain serious damage that will likely be expensive to repair. If you leave the work to us, you will have peace of mind knowing that your roof will always be reliable and continue to offer the very best level of protection for the home or commercial building year after year. There is little more that a customer could ask. We love serving our community in Derby, KS, and the surrounding area, and our years of happy customers testify to our reputation. Give us a call today, and let us earn your business as well!  ‚Äč 

Our Services

If you need any work done on your roof, we are the roofing company that’s there to provide what you need, big or small. Our affordable roofing service offers the best way to look after your roof, no matter the work you need. Whether you’ve got serious roof damage or need a new roof installed, our professional team is here to take care of all the work that’s required. We provide residential and commercial roofing services with expertise in a range of roofing types and roofing materials, including flat roofs and metals roofing. Even if you don’t see what you need here or get an answer to your question, give Derby Roofing Company a call – we are sure we can help!

The residential roofing options we have should spare you from any issues in the short term due to their high quality and durability. We can also perform replacement services and install these options following adverse weather events. After a big storm, you can call us out to do an inspection and offer any repairs or advice to help maintain the integrity of your home for many more years. Don’t ignore a missing shingle or two – one minor leak can quickly become a massive water damage job and cost tens of thousands of dollars, if not more! We can help you stay on top of pesky roof maintenance and take that stress off of your shoulders!

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Residential Roofing

Your roof is an important part of your home – arguably the most important part! You need to look after it the right way by relying on our professional team. Our experience means you can count on us to provide quality results, so you can be sure that your roof continues to protect your home. Derby Roofing Company offers different residential roofing types according to your needs.

Metal roofing

We do a wide array of metal roofs that add value and curb appeal to your home. Metal roofing is available from different components such as steel, zinc, and other alloys, so it is a versatile option. It is also quite durable and resistant to the elements and rodents. It is also a good conductor of heat, so there will be money saved on air conditioning if you decide to go with this option. The installation of the metal roofing would be a quick and economical process.

Asphalt shingle roofing

Asphalt shingle roofing is the most popular and common. This type of roofing can last 20 to 30 years and is the most economical solution. All of our roofs come in a wide array of colors to choose from to perfectly compliment the curb appeal of your home. It is also easily repairable without any problems, which also aligns with the durability of the material. These are the most affordable options within the market currently as it is possible to mass-produce them. The price may vary according to the type, but they tend to outshine the competition regularly. Not only are the asphalt shingles more affordable by nature, but they are also pleasing to the eye. They tend to be fire and weather resistant hence their consistent track record in the market.

Commercial Roofing

With all the day-to-day concerns that come with running your own business, it is possible to forget about or overlook the roof of your building. But it is vital. Without it, your building may sustain all kinds of damage. This will hurt your bottom line and disrupt the way you do business, which can also be costly. We can schedule routine roof evaluations to take the stress of roof maintenance off of your shoulders. We will keep your roof repaired and leak-free. Think of what could happen without routine check-ups and maintenance- one small leak could quickly result in hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage and your business closing due to water damage restoration.

At Derby Roofing Company, there are several available options for commercial roofing. For example, a Single-Ply membrane is one of the time-tested options for the industrial and manufacturing sector. These are made of rubber sheets that would be ballasted and mechanically fastened to insulation leading to a protective layer. For environmentally minded, we also offer spray polyurethane foam roofing which is an eco-friendly commercial roofing alternative. It is sprayed as a liquid to expand into a foam, and it makes a solid layer across the roof. Though it may not be the most common roof, it is versatile as it can be utilized within any climate, and it is especially durable when correctly installed and maintained.

There is also shingle roofing which is usually known for homes and residential types of roofing. Singles may often be utilized for roofing that involves steep slopes. They may also be made from different materials such as composite, plastic, and ceramic material. In this category, asphalt and architectural shingles are available. These are reputed for their reparability, durability, and aesthetic design, considering they increase the curb appeal. There are built-up roofing systems as well, which are also known as tar and gravel roofs. They are set by installing alternating layers of both tar and asphalt and supporting fabrics on the roof. It is possible to choose the layers or plies which can be installed.

Built-up roofing is a durable option for roofing and may last up to 40 years if maintained appropriately. They are also seamless and waterproof. The solid surface does not need seams or joints, which removes the majority of the vulnerable area for leaking. It also gives additional protection against the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Thankfully these are low maintenance as well.

Our expert team has years of commercial roofing experience and will help keep your business up and running. We are the team you can trust! At Derby Roofing Company, we understand every minute your business is under construction is possible revenue lost. We will work around your schedule and stay out of your way as much as possible. Our team works quickly and with minimal mess to keep your business running smoothly and your customers happy.

We treat your business as if it were our own and your customers like they are ours. Our selection of commercial roofing services is here to help you keep your roof in tip-top shape, so you can avoid any major problems or delays. Call us today for more information on our commercial roofing services or any questions you may have. We would also be happy to schedule a free commercial roofing estimate for you!

So, whether you want a metal roof, shingle roof, or flat roof, our team can provide it. We also offer a great cost for a new roof and provide you with a roof estimate to prove that you’ll always get the best deal with us. Call us today for any questions regarding your new construction project or to book your free estimate!

New Construction Roofing

There are not many things more important than ensuring that your home or building has a quality roof. With new roofing construction as part of our service, that’s exactly what we can provide for you. We can install a wide range of different roofing options, including metal roofing. The project will start with a detailed analysis concerning the building you would like done. It will help analyze the planned roofing type and the systems you would prefer, such as the insulation and decking. Then it will be possible for us to have the right understanding of what you would want to install. The roofing work is then going to proceed following the approval and signage of the contract. When the installation is completed, we will still evaluate if all of the requirements were indeed met.

Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is another thing that our experienced team can handle. Your roofing, like many other things, only has a limited lifespan and will eventually need to be replaced. Replacement can also be necessary for situations where your roof has sustained major damage beyond repair or when a replacement would be the most cost-effective. You may not know it, but your roof may need replacement rather than repair. There are tale-tell symptoms you can check to see if you need our services in this area.

  • Clogged gutters: the gutters are an important means of keeping water off the roof and preventing water damage. If you notice shingle pieces, it could mean the roof is degrading and needs to be replaced.
  • Mold: when moisture begins to accumulate within the attic spaces or between the roof layers, it can lead to moss or mold, so the roof starts to decompose. The spores would then spread between the shingles, considering the damp or dark spaces give the right conditions toward growth.
  • Weak decks: the decks support the base of the roof and support other layers like the flashing and shingles. Should the decking be damaged, the problem has likely spread to other parts of the roofing since it acts as the foundation. When water trickles down to the decking, the wood may start to bend and decompose, so it would not hold the weight of the other roof components. The entire roof would be at risk of collapse at that point.
  • Missing shingles: in time, adverse weather can tear off the roofing shingles or other elements. That allows water to seep into the layers beneath and accelerate rot and mold growth. If you come across several cases of missing shingles on the roof, then it could be a sign that you need to have the roofing replaced. As always, this is a preventive measure, so you do not need to incur higher costs at a later date when the damage has progressed.
  • Damaged flashing: flashing is what keeps the water and excess moisture from precipitation from the shingles. Search for missing or rusted flashing on the vents and chimneys between the roofing parts. That would allow for water to get into the attic over time. With our cost to replace the roof being highly affordable, you can spend less than you might think when it comes to replacing your roof.

In the case of emergency scenarios, such as right after a freak storm, it is advisable not to walk on the roof as a way to protect your home. Call us up and leave the task to us. Derby Kansas Roofing will take the appropriate steps to contain and reduce any further damage as a means to protect your family and possessions. Once this is done, we can secure a time in line with your schedule to inspect and make plans for the repair. We can also help with the insurance paperwork if the damage happened because of a storm. At the commercial level, an inspection would mean getting on the roof and searching for problems.

Our team will then note the issues and give you a full appraisal of what is going on. Our expertise in roof repair, including leak roof repair, means we can correct any problems and ensure that your roof continues to offer a suitable level of protection. So, whether you have a metal roof or need shingle roof repair, we are the “roof repair near me” to call.

Roof Repair Services

Roof repair is one of the most important services that we provide. A problem with your roof can mean that your home or building could be at risk of experiencing serious water damage or other issues that water damage can lead to. We advise that you do not put off signs of roof damage because they may worsen with time. As a result, your energy bills are going to get worse. The same gaps in the roofing, which allow moisture, will also allow heat to escape, so during the winter, the heated air in the home is going to escape and cause your bills to inflate. Missing or damaged shingles may also lead to water damage as the problems only increase in their severity.

Several roofing contractors may advocate for roof replacement only because it makes economic sense to them but not necessarily the customer. We want to present the options which are in your best interest. So when we perform the inspection, it is possible to determine the extent of the damage so that a solution can be discussed. It also helps to keep from covering up an issue or leading to increased and irrelevant costs. Sometimes the problem is minor. Natural debris such as leaves, twigs, or trash can cause blockages in the gutters and lead to roofing deterioration. In this case, we can perform the cleaning to remove debris and downspouts. That is a great way of preventing water damage and other leaks within the building.

Roof Inspection and Maintenance

One of the most effective ways to stay on top of any major problems, and ensure that your roof continues to offer the right level of protection, is to have regular roof inspections done. A thorough examination by our professional team will be able to uncover issues that may be developing quickly. One of the common questions that residential homeowners and businesses ask is the frequency of cleaning for roofs. The answer is it depends on the material that was chosen for the roofing in the first place. Asphalt and tile need to be cleaned every three years, while cedar should have it done every five. The home or business should have a maintenance program as well, which is in line with the contractor’s recommendations considering they have first-hand knowledge of the prevalent issues.

Roof moss cleaning can become a prevalent issue if the roofing is not cleaned in a long time. Moss does not have roots, and the spores may be carried onto the roof by birds and other animals. It will cause water to pool and restrict drainage, eventually leading to water damage and a need for repair/ replacement. At Derby Kansas Roofing, we utilize effective methods of moss removal through high-pressure cleaning agents. A dirt blaster with a rotary nozzle makes it easy to sanitize the roof of garbage. We can also utilize a moss killer or detergent that kills the moss. This approach is good for old roofing, which has a few irregularities that are hard to clean.

We also cover different minor issues that appear over time, such as silver coating, re-flashing, and siding. There is a slight difference between maintenance and repair, though the upkeep typically involves recurring small problems. Repairs are not as frequent, and they do not include upkeep. Regardless, the goal is to extend your roofing life so that you do not have to spend as much money on replacement and new construction.

We try to minimize the costs to our clients as much as possible by giving them the options within their best interests at the time. That also includes showing them when an entire overhaul would be less costly than a patch-up or maintenance that only lasts for the short term. We believe in honesty, and extreme accountability as that will yield the best results. With our roof maintenance expertise, if we find any problems, we can put all the right measures in place to prevent them from developing further and affecting either your home or business.

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